Wednesday, March 25

Our girl has quite the social calendar.

The last week has been pretty busy around here.  Busy for us that is.  I know plenty of people that are much busier than we are, but either way, we've had lots going on! 

Last week, our little Peanut had her second trimester awards assembly, for which she received a certificate for Highest Honors.  She essentially got straight A's or pluses in our case.  I didn't even know they did this in Kindergarten, but apparently they do.  And while one part of me thinks it's kinda silly (I mean it is just Kindergarten), the other part of me is really proud!  Kindergarten or not, this girl has learned a TON this school year.  She is reading now, learning to tell time, learning addition and subtraction, to count by 2's, 5's, 10's--the list goes on and on.  So the fact that she is learning so much and retaining nearly all of that information is impressive.   

She also had to do a country report this week (with a fair amount of help from mom and dad-which was expected) and we had the opportunity to sit in on her little presentation.  She did well--she just needs to learn to speak up a little.  I have no idea where she gets that from!  Ahem.

Yesterday, while the little brother and daddy were both taking naps, the Peanut and I snuck (apparently this is not a word?  whatev) off to the library to pick up a book I had requested for her.  I have been reading Beverly Cleary's Ramona series to the Peanut before bed.  My mom and dad gave her a big ol' boxed set of Beverly Cleary books at Christmas. However, for whatever reason, the publisher's included all but one (!) of the Ramona books in the set. 

So I requested it from the library and it finally came.  Since it was just us (sans the 2.5 year old), we got the Peanut set up with her own library card now that she can write her own name.  Well.  That just about made her year. Yes, her year. As the librarian was entering her application in the computer, she pulled out a box from underneath the counter with these cute little crocheted library card purses that some sweet little volunteer ladies make for kids who are getting their first library cards.  Oh my. You would have thought the Peanut was just handed the moon.  Excited does not even begin to describe it.  She tried to wear the purse to bed last night, which I quickly nixed for fear of strangulation.  But then, when we got to school today to watch her give her presentation, I saw her wearing her little purse.  Apparently, she brought the library card purse to school.  Which neither her daddy or I knew about.  Nice.  I fear the teenage years already. 

Lastly, the Peanut had her spring voice recital on Monday night (Grandpa's 60th birthday! Happy Birthday, Dad!) and she sang her solo, Singing in the Rain.  Me?  I cried.  Because I am a sap like that.  She did really well though.  It's amazing to see her confidence grow on stage each time she gets up there. 

So I will end with the video of her performance.  It's kinda cute. 


Friday, March 6

15 or 16 Weeks Update. Close enough, right?

Thought I should give an update on this good ol' blog.  You know, since I dropped some fairly big news the last time I wrote.  I've been feeling pretty well.  I was pretty nauseous and tired there for awhile, but the nauseousness is pretty much all gone (yay for me!) and while I am still tired on occasion, I am feeling much more energetic than I was even just a month ago.    As of this writing I am 15 weeks along, which makes the graphic below entirely inaccurate.  But, close enough, right?  15.....16 weeks?  Gosh, I am already starting to sound like a three time mom. I am just too tired right now to pull up CS5 and create that photo all over again.  In my defense, I didn't even have a photo with me and the little brother between 13 and 19 weeks, so the fact that I am keeping up with a pregnancy photo every four weeks is a definite step up from last time!

According to all sorts of information on the internets, the baby is the size of an apple. Or in my case, a sack of apples.  Whichev.  Apparently, the nauseousness from a few weeks back certainly didn't inhibit my caloric intake.  As of about three weeks ago, I started testing my blood sugar again (I had gestational with the Peanut, but NOT the little brother) and since then, I've been trying to be really good.  And I've succeeded for the most part--I've had dessert at a few family functions, but I've curtailed my nightly candy intake completely.  Yes, I know. Like I really needed that!  Just know that that is a very REAL sacrifice for me and I've been doing it.  I've also been watching my overall carb intake, so hopefully my glucose test will be good like last time.   

We celebrated my sweet Hubs birthday yesterday.  The last year of his 30's.  Wow.  Because we are always on such a tight budget, we celebrated by taking the kids to a nearby park--one in the northern part of our county that we rarely, rarely visit. Our weather has been unseasonably dry and also warm--at least for this part of the country.  We packed a picnic lunch and the kids got to play for hours on the play structure and kick the soccer ball and play catch with daddy.  They even got juice boxes--a rarity.  (You should have heard them telling my parents about it later when they stopped by....juice boxes AND the park.  It was the best. day. ever.  At least they are easy to please!)   Then we came home and we all took naps (every one of us!) and for dinner we had the Daddy's birthday dinner request--grilled carne asada.  It was a really nice, relaxing day.

Finally, just a little picture I snapped of the kids a few weeks ago with my parents lab.  It's one of my new favorites!


Thursday, February 19

I'm pregnant. And no one is more surprised than me!

And to clarify, this wasn't a little "surprise". 

I guess I have some 'splaining to do, don't I?

When our sweet boy was less than six months old, I declared we were "done."  Keep in mind I was still getting used to being a mom to two littles, still a little bit postpartum AND a lotta bit tired AND overwhelmed by the day to day.  Not to mention the shear strong will of my precious four year girl. Combine that with breastfeeding every few hours and when the question would come if we were having any more, my immediate response was, "Oh, no! We are definitely DONE." 

But then wouldn't you know it, I had this guy living here (my husband) and I hadn't really given a thought to what his opinion was in terms of being done with having any more children.  #marriagecommunicationfail

We I even went as far as sending Craig to the "big V" consultation.  Because I was SO sure.  And he was so NOT sure, but he also knew there was still time to back out, if needed.  I mean, the consult is just that.  The big snip comes later--at the next appointment.

And the next appointment?  It never happened.  

And then I started to have all these quiet little whispers.  But amongst those quiet whispers, I also had some loud internal arguements with said whispers.

"We can hardly afford the two we already have."

"Money doesn't grow on trees, Jackie."

"I am not having another child at 36 years old.  Not to mention Hubs will be 39. Thirty-NINE!!!!!"

"We will have to buy a new car.  We CANNOT afford a new car."   

"The kids rooms are tiny as they will one of them share.....?"

"What about tuition?"  I mean, one child in private school is already a STRETCH.  Two was mind boggling.  Three?  Yeah, right.

All this without mentioning (but I will anyway):  The desire to private school = first world problem.

Hubs and I went round and round about it.  And round and round some more.  He is the optimist. I am the pessimist realist.  He sees the joy in the having three sweet kids that are just as much of a blessing as the bible promises they are.  While I see the three little blessings, I also see diapers, braces, and college tuition--plus, I KNOW what our checkbook looks like each month.

But then in my nightly blog reading one evening, I came across this post COMPLETELY at random. It's not a blog I normally read and to be honest, I don't even really remember how I got to it.  But I do know I wasn't googling "assurances when adding additional babies in your family." And the post voiced all those worries I had of adding another to our family.  Practical reasons at that--but the post was convicting all the same. 

Then about six months ago (shortly after I read the above post), I had a conversation with my mom.  And my mom (who is just as much of a planner as I am, but who has also gained some wisdom along the way) chastised me for only trusting God as far as I could see. And funny enough, she doesn't even remember having that conversation.  But I do.

Then I went to my sweet friend's baby shower last fall, for you guessed it, their third little baby.

And at said shower, I had a conversation with my friend's mom {a mama of three!} and her friend from church who had just had her third little--advanced maternal age and all.

So we stopped our prevention methods (ahem.....) and figured if God wanted it to happen, He would allow it to happen.

The last little reassurance came when I had a conversation with my Aunt around Thanksgiving.  I think I was actually already (?) pregnant at this point and she was telling me all her reasons for why we should have at least one more--of course she was telling me from experience, as she is also a mama of three herself!  

Fast forward to today, and I am right at about 13 weeks.  We are very excited--despite my small amount of apprehension (it's HARD to let go of that control you think you have!).   I am feeling well overall.  Just the standard tiredness--but that is most likely from not getting to bed on time.  #doasisaynotasido

And here I am having a child at advanced maternal age and eating my 23 year old self's words--"Mom!  I am NOT going to have kids into my late thirties!"  Ha!

Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor or that He can't change someone's heart??


Saturday, January 31

Life Does Go On After Christmas

I set a goal for myself that I wanted to get another post up on this here blog by the end of January.  And here we are with just three hours to go and I am achieving said goal.

Clearly, I strive for greatness.

Most who know me in real life know that I call January "let down month."  It truly does stink.  If I had to rank the months from favorite to least favorite, January wouldn't even make the cut.  All the festivities are over, school is back in session, and while I once claimed I like love winter, I've come to realize I simply don't.  What I do love is the fall/winter season right up until real life resumes the day after Christmas break. And then?  Well, winter might as well be done.  Which is truly discouraging, since according to that thing we call an almanac, says that we have about another 10-11 weeks of winter left.


Now, if we actually got a little snow, that could certainly change my perspective, but the weather here has been very, very mild and I don't see any snow in our near future.  Not that I am a meteorologist or anything.

So, here are just a few highlights from the last time I posted.....

As I mentioned awhile back, my awesome dad has been working on the top part of our "built-in" desk.  I'm getting SO's getting so much closer to being done!

At Peanut's school, we have to put in volunteer hours for each student enrolled.  Because I have a two year old and a hard working husband that works crazy hours, I didn't feel comfortable committing to things/activities at school with never knowing what the Hub's schedule would be and not knowing if I would have someone to watch the boy.  So.  I signed up to help with a fruit platter once a month for the weekly staff meetings.  It was something I could do completely from home and I could just drop off in the office.  (Side note:  I was totally hoping for the muffins portion {so much cheaper!}, but they only had need for the fruit platter, which I guess is how God wanted me to bless them, so there you have it!)

Well, despite all my ranting and raving about the month of January, ironically, out of the three fruit platters I did (September, October, and January--November and December aren't done because of the holidays), January ended up being both the prettiest and best tasting month!

On New Year's Eve, I was reading the little brother's devotion to him before bed and it talked about being thankful for all the blessings from the past year.  I asked him what he was thankful for this year. I kid you not, he looked at me and whispered, "Money in my piggy bank."


I couldn't make this stuff up even if I tried.


We've had quite a few nice days in these last few weeks and so the kids were actually able to play outside.  The Peanut was all into her chalk drawings and the little brother was semi-interested in the chalk.  What he really liked was the small piece of bubble wrap I gave him to play with that was from a package I received that afternoon.  Yes, I know you aren't supposed to give small children pieces of plastic to play with.  #momfail

Peanut also got to have fun at her school's Family Fun Night this past Friday night.  She got to eat pizza, an ice cream sandwich, popcorn, and I even threw caution to the wind and let her get an orange soda instead of water.  Plus, she got to play in three bounce houses, get a balloon flower from the balloon animal artist, play the Plinko booth, shoot in a basketball shot competition, and walk in a cupcake walk.

Obviously, she was miserable the whole time.

Daddy converted the little brother's crib and now he has a "big boy" bed.  He was just a little bit excited. He shows everyone who will watch how he can climb in and out "all by my-sef."  It's pretty cute.

Except when the 6 am wake up call comes running into our room.  #thatsnotcute

My aunt and uncle got the Peanut a Lego set for Christmas.  WOW.  Had I known how enthralled she would be by them, I would have got her the set myself.  We did get her a very small set as soon as she was old enough (2.5-3 years ago?) and all she did with it was use the many pieces to "cook" with in her kitchen.  You know, sauteed Lego with a wine reduction?  I was less than impressed, because I knew the pieces were all going to wind up missing.  Anyhow, fast forward several years later and she hasn't stopped playing with it since Christmas.  Plus, she had some leftover birthday money and we let her buy another set off of Amazon.  Hours upon hours of entertainment, people!

And last but not least, I was getting all stressed about getting her Valentines done.  I was thinking they had to be done this week, but I guess I could use a calendar, because I actually had about two weeks to get them done.  Peanut filled out all the Valentines and I made the little pencil arrows to go with.  Thank you, Pinterest.  Once again.  Because we all know a Valentine is just a Valentine....unless we Pinterest it, right?  Yes, I realize I am part of the problem.

Saturday, January 3

Our Mudroom that Isn't A Mudroom

When we moved back to Hometown nearly three (!!!) years ago, there were two projects I really wanted done.  This of course, was in addition to the cleaning, painting, and new carpet that needed to be installed prior to us even moving back in.  Ahem

The first item I really wanted was a "built in" computer desk in our family room area.  We have a three bedroom house and with the little brother on the way, we would no longer have a dedicated "office/computer room" and there was this perfect little alcove in our family room that would allow ample space for a nice big computer desk with plenty of room for the computer, printers, and all the computer/office related stuff.  My awesome parents got most of the desk done a little over a year and a half ago and it's just as gorgeous as I pictured in my head.  And rumor now has it they are starting on the top portion (shelving above the desk, complete with trim and cove molding) very soon.  As I said, the desk portion turned out beautifully and it has been more than functional for our every day needs, so please know I am not complaining at all! 

The second thing I wanted was a mudroom.  Don't we all, right?  Well, with our current house, the gorgeous mud "rooms" that you can find very easily on Google or Pinterest are pretty labor intensive if you plan to do it yourself.  Which we did/do.  (And we all know by now, that I use the term "we" very, very loosely, right?)  Plus, there are several other things we want to do with this tiny little space (put in a pocket door for the laundry room, which will involve moving TWO light switches to the other side of the door, not to mention ripping out all the drywall to install/reframe for the pocket door) and those things just aren't in the cards right now, with being both short on time and money.  So in the interest of making this space functional for our comings and goings, having it be somewhat temporary, and still aesthetically appealing and cost effective, the Hubs made this for me as my Christmas gift. 

This is our main entry point through our home.  We rarely, if ever, use our front door.  We go in and out through our garage door that is located in our laundry room.  The laundry room has space for a utility sink and in the sink alcove we have a clothes rack above the sink that we used at one point to hang clothes that needed to air dry, etc.  It was a nice little space for that.  Plus, the sink was there and we used it for stain treating clothes, cleaning muddy boots, and all those other things you use utility sinks for.  But somehow over the last year and a half, that rack has become a coat rack for us all and with that, we didn't really have easy access to our sink anymore, because coats were always hanging in the way.  Plus, when we were in a hurry (are you ever not as parents of littles?) taking all those coats down always knocked down the spray bottles on the sinks edge, so that was always fun.  Or not.

So now I have a nice little coat rack thanks to my mom's design (she did the same thing a few months back in their laundry room at their house) and Hubs hard work.  And as with the desk, rumor has it from Hubs that he would like to get the bench built in time for my birthday this spring!

That would be awfully nice, my dear.  Awfully, awfully nice. 


Thursday, January 1

Many Blessings in 2015

Wishing you a wonderful new year that will be even better than the last.


Saturday, December 27

Christmas Vacation

Can I just share that I've so been enjoying the Peanut's Christmas vacation?  Not only has it been nice to have her home with us (on many, many levels--but the sibling bickering????  Make. It. Stop!!!!), but it means I don't have to be such a Nazi about bedtime--which I usually am.  I usually, without fail, have the kiddos in the bath by 6:30 (6:40 if I am living fast and loose that evening) so as to have them in bed, stories read, and lights out by 7:30.  Both of them require 11-12 hours of sleep and when they wake up around 7:00-7:30 each morning, they need a firm bedtime.  And who am I kidding?  I enjoy a little quiet time to myself each night too!  Anyhow, all that said, because we can sleep in each morning with no firm obligations, it's been nice not having to be so rigid about bedtime. Not that we go crazy by any means, but 8:00 and in bed? 

No biggie. 

It's just been really, really nice.

We had a nice little quiet Christmas.  We did the thing floating around Pinterest for gifts for the kids this year and it was SO nice.  Four gifts for Christmas--something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read.  We initially decided on that mainly because of budgetary constraints, but in the end, our kids are so very blessed and they really don't need anything.  They have closets full of clothes and tons of toys to play with (thank you Grandma and Grandpa!).  The Hubs and I don't really exchange gifts (although I did get him a Charger's sweatshirt that I totally forgot about this past September!) and he did built me a coat rack for our mudroom main entry/exit through our house.  That will have a post of it's own later.  

We entertained my mom's side of the family here on Christmas Eve and then went to my Aunt and Uncle's house for Christmas dinner. While Christmas time has always been my very favorite-ist time of year, with the kids and their emotional highs and lows of the last several days (lots of excitement, lots of family time, lack of strict schedules {see above}, etc.) EVERYTHING has the potential for a big ol' meltdown.  So.  That said, I am kinda enjoying the rest of this week just being able to lay low and watch movies, eat leftover cookies and soup from Christmas Eve and just relax

I hope you are getting to do the same!!!


Saturday, December 20

The Peanut Takes a Picture

Since I am the official picture taker of our little family, there are very few pictures with me in our photos.  While my kids will surely know someday that I was there at all the events, I would like for handful of them to actually have me in them as well. 

However.  I am really bad about remembering to ask the Hubs to take some pictures with me in them.  See how this plays out?

Then the other day, Peanut begged to take a picture of me and the boy. 

And I let her.  I know, right?

She did pretty good, considering she is even more a novice than I am.  We just might have a newly added photographer in the family!


Thursday, December 18

How I Got Hired for This Job, I'll Never Know

A few weeks ago, we got a call from Peanut's school. That's never a good thing, is it? The only times I've received phone calls from the school was either a) The Peanut was sick and I needed to come pick her up immediately or b) She had been exposed to some infectious disease {whooping cough, chicken pox, etc} and they were giving us the legally required disclosure.

Well, they called on Peanut's scheduled day off from school, so this worrier automatically assumed she had been exposed to something once again. Nice, right? I have no idea why Hubs calls me a dooms-dayer. No clue at all.

Turns out, we were being invited to a special assembly last week. She had been chosen as Student of the Month for November. Now, because it's a Christian school they choose a student based on the monthly character trait. (I was Student of the Month many moons ago {in public school} and it wasn't based on anything like that. At least that I remember. But it could have been based on being a suck-up, because that is something I excelled in for sure.)

Anyhow, back to November's character trait.  It was loving kindness. Loving kindness. Specifically referenced from Micah 6:8~

He has told you, O man, what is good;
And what does the Lord require of you
But to do justice, to love kindness,
And to walk humbly with your God?

Let me tell you, that was humbling. Because folks, that fine quality so did not come from me. That is her daddy through and through. I am all about what is fair, what is right (in my mind!)--what is just. I guess I have the just part down, but the problem is, I don't follow that through with the love kindness part. Ouch. But our daughter? To her teacher, she stood out among her peers in her consistent, kind and loving manner.

Wow.  This was a very much needed reminder, that that precious little Peanut of ours--she isn't ours at all.  She was a gift.  A gift entrusted to us from a very loving God.

Now I know in my heart that God is good and God is sovereign in all things.  But for goodness sakes, in my head I can't help but wonder what He was thinking in trusting someone like me to be their mama?  I am poor, poor example of Christ each and every day. #utterfailure

I am impatient and probably expect far too much from their little six and two year old selves.  As I just said, I like doing the right thing and I want them to do the right thing.  And let's face it, my little sinners don't always mind their mama.  I feel like I am banging my head against the wall on most days.  But that's probably how He feels with me, right? Because I am His little sinner.

In the end, I have to remember cling to that He will work everything for good according to His purpose.  While the loving kindness trait didn't come from me, I have a sneaking suspicion that Peanut is the way she because He knew I could learn from that.



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